Hold on there, big fella. Take a deep breath. We don't wanna rush into this one.

Any man who has ever dared to venture down south knows exactly just how delicate handling those jewels could be.

One wrong slip of that blade, and your little friend is a bloody mess. We don’t want that.

You might go in hoping that everything will be a breeze - but unfortunately, you quickly realize that’s not the case.

Tangles, knots, and frizzy hair might easily deter you. But have no fear, because Sacks is here.
If you find yourself growing a bush like an overgrown garden or just want to trim up the forest so your

partner can pass safely, you're in the right place.

We’re introducing a pain-free way to successfully shave your sack, allowing your man-tool to look groomed, trimmed, and ready for the spotlight.

Read on for Sacks Ultimate Guide To Shaving Your Balls.

Warming Up

Don’t hop on the bull just yet, bucko. Get yourself acquainted, take it nice, easy, and slow. It’s quite the delicate procedure.

You’ll want to settle down first without rushing into it.

Make sure you’re in a private location, maybe pop open some red wine, light up a warm scented candle, and meditate until you’re at a zen state.

Alone. It’s just you and your balls.

...Finally ready to go? Great.

Now, situate yourself on a flat chair, stool, or even on the toilet.

You should be able to comfortably reach those fellas down below. Remember, you want this job done clean and you want it done right.

NOTE: If there’s other people around, get rid of them. It’ll be awkward if they witness the next following moments (don’t ask how we know).


We recommend you hop into the shower, it’ll be easiest to clean and with the Gonad Groomer, you have a waterproof design that ensures you won’t be electrocuting your nuts to smithereens.

Trim before you win.

You’re not Speedracer, there’s levels to this, no need to go 0-60mph right off the bat. It ain’t a race fellas, it’s a slow and steady jog. The only prize you’ll get for going fast, is a bloody accident. Let’s avoid that, shall we?

If things down south are looking verybushy, grab yourself some scissors and gently trim those suckers to 1cm of length.

Trust us, you’re going to improve visibility, reduce obstruction, and make it much easier to shave after. As they say: a proper warm up makes gametime a breeze.

Make ‘em toasty.

In the game of trimming, chilly is silly. If your gonads are cold, shriveled, and sad, they’re going to be harder to trim, more likely to give you nasty nicks and you’re bound to experience a rough time.

Instead, you wanna make sure you get those bad boys into the shower first, getting them warm and expanded.

By doing this, you’re applying a good layer of lubrication to the skin, stimulating the blood flow, and opening the pores which directly helps the blade seamlessly glide across your balls, even more gracefully than one of Da Vinci’s paintings.

The Technique

Let’s get down to the details here and describe how you should properly shave.

We know you’re all about safety, so tools are key here. Put away that rusty ol’ blade and grab yourself something your balls will be happy with. Our recommendation: The Gonad Groomer. Designed to effortlessly mow over your nuts without any worries about accidents.


Now for whichever method you want to use, you have a total of two options:

1.​ The Pulling Strategy (The Smoothest Route)

If you want a glossy and pristine finish, this may just be the one. Aesthetics matter, so this definitely delivers, but remember: no rushing.This isn’t 5 o’clock traffic, so you’ll have to have some time on your hands. We’re not suggesting you get your balls stuck on a ceiling fan or anything crazy; simply grab, shift, and pull your skin in the appropriate direction and use slow, careful strokes.

2. The Hover Strategy (The Safest Route)

The most risk-free and safe-from-harm technique of them all, especially if you’re in a rush.

Here’s the formula: The Gonad Groomer + The Hover Strategy = Shave your precious balls without a single blade touching your skin. Yep, it’s a magical experience. And best of all, the skin-friendly design of the Gonad Groomer allows for a comfortable shave every time, ensuring zero risk of cuts, nicks, and gashes.

Here’s what you SHOULDN’T do...

Attempt Rush Hour

Remember:There’s only one pair of balls you’ll ever get in your life, so it’s important to treat them nicely. Gradual and strategic strokes win the race, even if you feel like it’s taking too long (mhm..even in the bedroom you little rascal!) Besides, bandages and gauze all over your tool is kinda a mood-killer for your partner.

Last But Not Least

Congratulations King,you’re finally done. Give yourself a nice pat on the back. All that’s left is to rinse those fellas off, apply some fragrant post-shave balm if you’re feeling extravagant, and stand tall with your chest puffed out, because you my friend...are the man.

It also might be a good idea to snatch a broom or a vacuum. Apparently, pubes don’t go down the drain very well.



Any other questions or thanks for the sack connoisseurs? Leave us a message and let us know!